The Swymn Family

Pontchatoula, Louisiana

We are very pleased with our pool.

Ronnie Allen and his staff did a phenomenal job.  After obtaining several quotes from different pool companies, we felt comfortable and confident with Aquarius Pools because of the experience that they brought.

I have recommended them to friends and family.  My backyard transformed into a tropical paradise that we are very proud of.


Thie Hicks Family

Mandeville, Louisiana

After deciding to build a pool my wife and I decided to hire Aquarius Pools.

Everything that they said they would do, they did it.  If they said they were going to show up at 8am, they showed up at 7:55am.  Mr. Ronnie told me he would build me a great quality pool and he did just that plus some.

Our pool is 1½ years old and we have had no issues whatsoever.  Not only does Aquarius Pools build a great pool, their service after the build was complete was impeccable.  Everything from paperwork and owners manuals being provided, down to the water treatment and teaching me how to operate the pool equipment and treat my own water.  My wife and I will probably never sell our house but if we do, and if we decide to build another pool, Aquarius Pools will build it for us (no doubt).


The Guillot Family

Mandeville, Louisiana

When our family decided to put a pool in our yard, we looked at four different companies. Aquarius was the first one we met with, and we knew from that meeting that we felt best with them.  Mike & his dad, gave us great suggestions, as well as helped us with the design we had in mind. We decided to go with Aquarius due to their history, products they use within the pool, the way it was built, as well as the warranty they give with the pool.

Throughout the build, we noticed almost all of the companies they utilize with the process, have been with Mike & Ronnie for many years, and many of them said they wouldn’t build for anyone else. From the start with the diggers, to Winky who goes over the chemicals & water chemistry, everyone took pride in what they do, and was a complete professional. 

This beautiful pool is adorned with water features.

This beautiful pool is adorned with water features.